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Go Healthy Houston is proud to present the Houston Active Living Plan (ALP). The ALP is the culmination of a yearlong effort engaging with multi-sectoral stakeholders to develop strategies to increase active living opportunities in Houston. Strong evidence suggests increased physical activity may limit the negative health outcomes associated with inactivity including heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Better health outcomes are the responsibility of everyone. The plan’s approach to collaborate across sectors of the community to achieve common health goals is critical to its success.

The ALP is a guide including strategies, tips and tools for use to improve the ability of your organization or community to achieve specific, measurable objectives. Use this plan as a workbook; use it to create your next presentation, project or next event.

To that end, Go Healthy Houston (GHH) is working to spur “active living” in Houston. Active living is about people working together to create places where physical activities such as walking, biking, and playing are integral parts of everyday life. Active Living is not solely defined as fitness exercise during leisure time such as going to the gym. It also includes activity integrated into our daily routine such as walking to the store or bus stop or taking the stairs. To that end Go Healthy Houston presents the Active Living Plan, a plan rooted in a “Health in All Policies” approach which recognizes that policy decisions and environmental changes made within multiple sectors impact public health.  “Health in All Policies” therefore requires collaboration and support from many city and county departments including Planning, Public Works, METRO, Parks, and Health along with an array of community partner organizations in health care, education, media, business, sports, land use/community design, and nonprofit sectors. Though separate and autonomous, the Houston Active Living Plan complements and builds upon strategies within Plan Houston that focus on nurturing safe and healthy neighborhoods and connecting people and places.

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