Community Gardens

We Plant Together.  Learn Together.  Tend Together.  Harvest Together


Community gardens provide hands-on experience to encourage eating more fruits and vegetables.   The gardens bring people toward available food sources.  They create a social environment for interactive education of healthy foods.  

The HHD Community garden program grew with the effort to teach people the importance of good nutrition and exercise

The HHD Community Gardens program was designed to:

  1. Promote healthy eating to reduce obesity and the effects of chronic disease
  2. Promote physical activity through gardening
  3. Promote socialization in overall wellness
  4. Teach the fundamentals of gardening
  5. Cultivate partnerships and community engagement

Garden Classes

  1. Our interactive garden classes allow community members to dig right into planting, and harvesting of fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Learning how to prepare, plant, and take care of a vegetable garden
  3. Exercise through walking and caring for the garden
  4. Getting to meet new people and expanding their social network
  5. Sharing in the crops that are harvested
  6.  The gardens grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.  They teach something different allowing new experiences at every class.

Resources: Community Gardens Toolkit

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