Community Garden Locations


The program has expanded to 13 gardens throughout Houston and produces an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.  Classes let community members engage and get to know their neighbors.  In Houston’s increasing multi-ethnic communities, these green spaces create unity across generations and cultures.   Gardeners also have an opportunity to join other ongoing activities at the multi-service centers.

Anyone interested in joining an HHD Garden may do so by calling or visiting the multi-service center to get in touch with the garden coordinator.

Find the location nearest you and come join us! 


  1. Fifth Ward:   5th Ward/Peavy Center, 3814 Market St., 77020. 832-393-1770
    The Peavy Center Community Garden is maintained primarily by 5th Ward area seniors, participants in the NCI Senior Program and community youth including the 5th Ward Enrichment Program, 5th Ward Head Start Program, Yes Prep Academy and Southwest Key. The garden has six raised beds.
  2.  Kashmere Gardens:  Kashmere MSC, 4802 Lockwood Dr., 77026, 832 -393 – 5503
    The Kashmere Community Garden has provided gardening and socialization opportunities since 2010. The garden has six beds.
  3. Northeast: Northeast MSC, 9720 Spaulding, 77016, 713-491-5500
    The Northeast Community Garden has provided organic gardening opportunities since 2010. The garden has six raised beds the garden. It is easily accessible for people who are mobility impaired.
  4. Denver Harbor: Denver Harbor MSC, 6402 Market St., 77020, 713-670-2100
    With six raised beds, the Denver Harbor Community Garden has been a source for fresh produce and social interaction for the east end community since 2010.
  5. Park Place: Park Place, 7611 Park Place Blvd, 77087, 713 292 4726
    The garden at Park Place has been in existence since 2010. Gardeners have planted and harvested mustard greens, eggplants, and various species of peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, fragrant mints, herbs, broccoli and cauliflower
  6. Sunny Side: Sunny Side MSC, 4605 Wilmington St., 77033, 832-393-0069
    The Sunnyside Community Garden is the largest of the HDHHS gardens. It has 10 raised beds, fruit trees and large planters.
  7. Third Ward: Third Ward MSC, 3611 Ennis St, 77004, 832-393-4051
    The Third Ward community garden began as a fountain and four flower beds. The fountain was disconnected and the beds were cleaned out to build the garden.
  8. Hiram Clark: Hiram Clark MSC, 3610 West Fuqua St., 77045, 832-393-4200
    The Hiram Clarke Community Garden was established in 2010. It has four beds, one of which is dedicated as a children’s bed. The NCI Head-Start program partners with other gardeners to get the children involved
  9. North Stadium/TMC: 8000 N. Stadium, 77054, 713-292-4726
    The North Stadium Community Garden was established in 2010 to serve as a teaching/training garden for other HDHHS community gardens. It has seven beds with space for traditional garden crops as well.
  10. Southwest: Southwest MSC, 6400 High star St., 77074, 713-778-6520
    The Southwest Multi-Service Center Community Garden was established in 2009. It was the first health department community garden to be built. The garden has six beds and six fruit trees. The garden has served as a model for other gardens. It was recently highlighted in the Texas Public Health Association (TPHA) Journal as a great collaboration among government and community.
  11. West End: West End MSC, 170 Heights Blvd,   77007, 832-393-5950
    The West End Multi-Service Center Community Garden was established in 2009 to serve as a teaching and training site for promoting healthy eating in the West End/ Heights Community. The garden has five beds.
  12. Magnolia:  7037 Capitol, 77011, 713-928-9515
    Opened in October 2014.
  13. DAWN:  3611 Ennis Street, 77004, 732-393-4093
    Located at the Diabetes Awareness & Wellness Network (DAWN) this quaint garden is a part of the routine for those diagnosed with Diabetes.

 ⇒   Gardens are wheel-chair accessible at most of our locations.



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