Health Benefits


Gardens provide access to traditional produce selections and nutrition rich foods. These foods may not necessarily available in urban communities. A garden can also provide unique fruits and vegetables to the climate or region. They are also a great way to explore the food rainbow! Trying fruits and vegetables for the first time maybe scary but with many community members around it can be encouraging. Gardeners learn the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, and how they contribute to improved health. They also learn about preparing a balanced meal with garden foods to get the maximum nutritional benefit. As well as how daily diet affects health.

Learning where foods come from and how they grow can spark healthy eating behaviors towards fresh fruits and vegetables. Gardeners and their children who eat more fruits and vegetables daily have a more nutrient rich diet and are healthier.

Physical Activity
Gardens are a great area for recreation and exercise. Gardening allows ways to stay physically active, go outdoors, and enjoy nature. They also inspire learning, motivation, and cultivate a sense of belonging and responsibility for one’s health. Gardening creates exercise opportunities by planting vegetables and fruit trees, weeding and pruning crops, watering and harvesting.



We Plant Together.  Learn Together.  Tend Together.  Harvest Together

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