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Our community gardens are open to everyone at any age.  Did you know children who learn about fruits and vegetables at an early age are more likely to try them and continue to eat them as they grow older? There are no fees associated with the HHD community gardens. Go to our Locations tab to find a garden near you and start gardening.

The following rules are enforced:

 HHD Community Gardens Program

Rules and Regulations

  1. Participants must register at the garden of their choice. Gardeners can be registered at only one HHD garden.
  2. Active gardening reflects four seasons. Club members are required to contribute 10 hours per month to their garden. They may assist in winterization, filling the raised beds, planting, weeding, maintaining and harvesting at their garden. Club members that are physically unable to assist in gardening tasks will be assigned other duties.
  3. Planting and harvesting times are established by HHD. Members are not allowed to harvest produce from the gardens at their own discretion. Garden participants that do not adhere to the harvesting schedule may be suspended from participation in the club.
  4. The HHD community garden program is an organic gardening program. Use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides made from synthetic materials as well as chemical fertilizers are not permitted. Club members may not bring their own natural fertilizers for use in HHD gardens except as approved by the Garden Coordinator.
  5. Club members will share equally in each harvest. They will be notified by their garden representative when each harvest will occur.
  6. Club members are responsible for helping keep walk and pathways clear of debris.
  7. If a garden club member witnesses vandalism or theft, he or she will report it to the garden coordinator. At no time should a club member attempt to stop the person.
  8. Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted on City of Houston property.
  9. Club member behavior must reflect well on HHD and the community. Members engaged in unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave the property and club membership will be revoked.
  10.  While input may be sought from club members, produce to be planted will be coordinated by HHD.
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