Almost 150 million American adults are in the workforce and spend a significant amount of their day at work. Employers have the ability to improve the health of their employees by providing access to opportunities for physical activity, including walking.

– Complete a registration form HERE

– Make a public announcement of your participation
– Summarize your organization’s opportunities and incentives for walking
– Promote the Go Walk Houston campaign and hashtag on all social media and digital platforms
– Host a walking challenge or team activity for your organization or your community

Organizations and worksites practicing active living can participate in the Go Walk Campaign and be highlighted by registering here:  Go Walk Houston Campaign Registration Form

After registering online, please download the Go Walk Social Media Toolkit with materials to help you promote the campaign: Go Walk Houston Social Media Toolkit


Worksites can promote walking and walkable communities through the following strategies:

Worksites can promote worksite projects and activities that support physical activity, walking and walkability.

Examples include: Walking competitions, weight loss challenges, Fitbit challenges, health fairs, staircase signs, healthy meetings, walking clubs, provide signs or maps of safe places nearby to walk, and many more!

Resources and Success Stories

Fitbit Challenge information: Fitbit Wellness Info Sheet

Want to help motivate your employees to take the stairs? Check out these engaging CDC stairwell signs: Version 1 –  Stairwell Messages  Version 2 – Stairwell Messages 

Worksites and Organizations can promote programs that support physical activity, walking and walkability.

Examples include: Health education classes, Fitness classes, access to local facilities, walking clubs, flexible work hours, motivational signs, on-site fitness centers, on-site bike racks, and many more!

Resources and Success Stories

  •  Walk This Way: Interested in developing a safe and effective walking program? View this helpful guide by the American Council on Exercise about developing community and individual walking programs: Walking Toolkit 
  • Want to help your employees start a walking group at work?  The American Council on Aging has several tips to help get them started! Check out this article! Start a Workplace walking Group
  • Wanting ideas for activities for your walking program? Look at the AARP’s  10-Week Walking Program  Guide for program coordinators for more information.  Walking Guide
  • The American Heart Association Workplace Walking Program Kit contains numerous resources to encourage companies to give employees an opportunity to take short wellness breaks to get away from their desks and take the first step on the path to wellness. Click the link to view more: The American Heart Associations Workplace Walking Program 

Promote worksite policies that support physical activity, walking and walkability.

Examples include: Walking Meeting Policies, Worksite Wellness Polices and many more.

Resources and Success Stories

 See this CDC Guide to current practices in worksite wellness initiatives for success stories, lessons learned, and best practices! Current Practices – Worksite Wellness

Check out this Worksite Wellness Toolkit from the Mississippi Department of State Health: Worksite Wellness Toolkit

Check out this wellness initiative success story in Arkansas that resulted in a change in work site culture by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials: Arkansas Implements Healthy Lifestyle Program


Examples of Walkability Audit Tools for Worksites:

There are numerous tools available to help a worksite audit, assess, and evaluate its level of walkability and progress on worksite wellness.

  • Here is one example of a Healthy Worksite Audit Tool by the CDC which may help you to assess the walkability of your workplace: Walkability Audit Tool 
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