Cigna Sunday Streets Etiquette

Cigna Sunday Streets is for EVERYONE – bikers, joggers, and strollers – kids, adults and pets.

Cigna Sunday Streets is a RAIN or SHINE event, make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

To ensure the safety of all participants, we encourage everyone to be careful and patient. Polite and courteous behavior should be exhibited toward all those enjoying Cigna Sunday Streets.

Please be aware of your fellow participants – some of whom will be traveling at different speeds. The best way to keep yourself and others safe is to be alert and respect the people around you.

Cyclists and skaters

    • Pedestrians always have the right of way.
    • Keep right, pass left.
    • Pass others safely: look and signal before changing lanes.
    • Serious Cyclists: If you are looking for a challenging training ride, Cigna Sunday Streets is not the place to do it. We offer these ideas for serious riders to enjoy the day:
      •  Plan a rigorous ride earlier in the day, and join Cigna Sunday Streets to cool down after your workout.
      •  Introduce non-cycling friends to the joys of riding at Cigna Sunday Streets.
    • Novice Riders: Sunday Streets is a great opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle or dust off that old bike and start riding again. Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome, here are a few tips to:
      • Parents: Sunday Streets is a great place for young cyclists to increase their street riding skills, to make sure the day is fun and safe, we ask that parents:
        • Stay close to their children as they ride on the route
        • Encourage children to learn good bike etiquette, ride in a straight path and use verbal and hand signals to indicate turns and stops
    • Newer riders:
      •  Keep to the right and ride with slower traffic to avoid collisions with faster moving participants
      •  Start off slow, and practice away from the crowds till you get your bearings
      •  Ride in a straight line and use hand or verbal signals to indicate turns or stops
      •  Ride to the right side of the lane  with slower moving traffic, and keep an eye out for children and other participants who may cross your path unexpectedly
    • All: We encourage cycling for recreation and transportation during these events, please be sure to:
      •  Wear a helmet and be sure that it is properly adjusted
      •  Ride safely and courteously at all times
      •  Yield to pedestrians crossing the route and keep an eye out for those who may move unpredictably
      • Be mindful of children and older people.
      • Wear helmets.
      • Always ride in the direction of traffic
      • Obey posted traffic signs and regulations.
      • Do not bike on the sidewalks.
      • Do not use cell phones while riding.
      • Forgo the headphones.

Walkers and joggers

    • Be aware of cyclists.
    • Don’t dart out suddenly in the path of a cyclist.

Dog walkers

    • Keep dogs on a short leash at all times.
    • Please clean up after your pets and keep Houston clean.

All participants

    • Please keep Houston clean and respect the streets by picking up trash after yourself.
    • Don’t Forget to bring your Sunscreen, Lots of Water, and Hats or Umbrellas!
    • Be respectful! The streets belong to EVERYONE.
    • Walkers and slow traffic STAY TO THE RIGHT of your lane.
    • This is NOT A RACE!
    • DON’T STAND IN THE STREET. Keep traffic moving.
    • Sidewalks are for walking and standing only!
    • WEAR A HELMET if cycling.
    • Keep children in the slow lane and close to a parent or guardian, and ensure they know your phone number in case of an emergency.
    • No motorized vehicles are allowed during the event.
    • Pets on a short leash are welcome! Please clean up after them.

Sign up as a Cigna Sunday Streets Volunteer, or help with bike-related programming to share your skills with others, go to


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